Monday, August 11, 2008

Maybelline Lash Stylist Mascara

I remember seeing the advertisement for this mascara in the eleventh grade and really wanting to try it. Finally, three years later I did. Anyways, I really liked the packaging. The black and the silver lettering just looks so sophisticated. And the lettering did not wear off, which made me pretty happy.

So, I must admit that the comb took some getting used too. The whole time I was using this I wanted something a little heavier in my hand. Another thing that took some getting used to was the smell. Yes, I sniffed the mascara. And yes, it smelled more chemicall-y than most off the other mascara's I have tried. So let me break it down...

The Good: Made my lashed look a a little longer and added some volume. (not the best though)
The Bad: Crunch City. My lashed felt sooo crunchy and hard. BLAH And sometimes it went on looking a little gray....Not Attractive.
The UGLY: I feel this mascara is too harsh on the lashes. I swear my lashes thinned while using this.

So in conclusion, yes the results are a'ight but not at the expense of my lashes.