Sunday, August 10, 2008

New York Color Ultra Last Lip Wear Air Kiss

Sexy Lips, hnh? Just Kidding. So I was in the store and I decided I wanted some Lipstick to "experiment" with. I had always been dead set against wearing lipstick(because I love GLOSS)and also because for some reason I had been told there was pig in lipstick when I was little and just opted to stay away from it.

Until, I got a Mary Kay sample and fell in love with the the way it looked. So, I headed to to cosmetics aisle and decided to just get something cheap. Whats cheaper then New York Color? So I took it home.

On to the trying it on. I hated the way it look when I put it on heavily. But I'm not into wasting things. I will keep trying something UNTIL I find some way to use it. So I put it on lightly and VOILA. Did you know color can make your face look rosier(is that a word?)? And that's just what it did for me.

The only thing I hate about this is that it STINKS. It smells awful. Like some nasty chemicals. So, I wouldn't lick my lips when using it. But it lasts a decent amount of time, so I think these lippies are worth a try. And they're cheap too. Only a buck fifty.