Monday, August 11, 2008

Wet N' Wild Mega Eyes Belgian Chocolates Eyeshadow

In need of some natural looking eye shadow I found myself wandering down the cosmetics aisle. I ended up in the Wet N' Wild aisle. The cheapest makeup in the drugstore. There weren't really alot of the eyeshadows left. It was like someone had come in before me and bought it all up. So I found myself looking at the Belgian Chocolates Trio.

The I headed to check out hoping I wasn't making a mistake. When I got home, I swatched the colors on my hand and they were actually pretty. The lightest color works great as a highligher and has the PERFECT amount of shimmer too it. The middle shade is OK. Sometimes I thought it made my eyelids look a bit dirty. Other times it made a perfect crease color. As for the brown it was OK. It had the "your eyelids but a little bit better" kinda feel. I thought it was going to have more red in it which always looks great on me.

The packaging is aight. I really like the slide out mirror which is perfect if you are on the go. The sponge applicator I acutally like also but it's size was downright irritating. I wish they would make it a little bigger. :). The lasting power is good and the fact that they don't crease is nice too. Used together they make a nice natural eye.

Over all I think they are worth a try at only three bucks. How can you go wrong?