Thursday, November 6, 2008

Lip Smackers Strawberry Banana

Stop Laughing....I know you remember Lip Smacker's from back in the day....Reminiscing Time.

I remember the first Lip Smacker's I saw. It was some girl in the church. After I saw her's I HAD to have one. I was about five years old. The next time I saw them I decided right then and there I would try every single flavor. Unfortunately, I never got around to it....

So I was walking in Rite Aide and I see Lip Smacker's! And there was no way I could just walk by. So I took at the flavors (so many) and ended up with Strawberry Banana. The pink tube is toooooo cute. But anyway it moisturizes pretty well and the scent although artificial is...well let's just say I like it anyway.....and there is a cute pink tint to it (not very noticeable but still there anyway)

And there you have it...the beginning of an addiction to Lip Smackers...because I WILL TRY EVERY SINGLE