Thursday, April 16, 2009

New York Color Green Cover Stick

I remember reading in a magazine that green concealer covers up blemished and red blotches. Of course I began wondering if it would do anything for my brown complexion. So when Rite Aid had BOGO on NYC colors this was one of the items I bought.

Eager to try it, I went right home and did so. It doesn't do much for me, considering I don't have any red blemishes or any red blotches. It did make me look crazy before I put on my foundation and it was kinda fun having random green dots on my face. I also noticed it helped to dry up my pimples quicker than usual. Other than that there was no real benefit for me. In my picture on the right side I put on the concealer. Notice any difference between the left and the right side?

Me Neither.

Overall, it was fun to try out but I won't be repurchasing. It might make a good base for a light greenish eye shadow but I really would not recommend it for my fellow brown skinned beauties unless you have red discolorations.