Tuesday, April 14, 2009

RAC Cosmetics 100% Chunky Raw Shea Butter on Face

Finding Raw Shea Butter without ordering online is a rather hard thing to do. I, however, was lucky enough to run into some at a local beauty supply store. I was rather skeptical as to whether or not was real because I had never come in contact with real 100% shea butter, only formulas with it already in the mix. Anywho, it is the real deal but I would be careful because when I went to visit my friend in Florida we went to flea markets where vendors were selling fakes. I knew because the shea butter's color was not uniform, it looked greasy, sloppy, and repackaged.

This has kinda a nutty sort of scent that isn't strong at all. It smells natural. I broke the chunks down so I could melt it in my hands easier. It makes my face so soft, and I swear it makes my pimples disappear in about a day without leaving any blemish when I get them, which thanks to the Shea butter, breakouts are nearly non-existent.It has also made scars on my face fade dramatically. Hello more even toned skin!


I plan on getting a few more containers of it to try on my hair and body.......
Especially at only five dollars a pop....
I highly recommend it.