Saturday, June 6, 2009

Loreal HIP Concentrated Shadow Duo in Devious

This is the my second duo from Loreal HIPs line. Unfortunately, I wasn't as impressed with this one as I was with the other.

The olive green just isn't as pigmented and looks kind of muddy. It seems I have to pile it on and don't get the best results doing that. The other color which is a really dark tannish color blends really well with my skin. It's kinda like my skin but better making a great natural look.

This shadow also seems to be not as finely grounded as other shadows I have had.

Now on to the packaging. It's cute but at times hard to open. There's a cute little mirror in the bottom with a sponge applicator.

I got this four dollars since it was buy 1 get 1 free but I don't think I would repurchase. It comes out looking pretty average ad the colors don't contrast, they just seem to blend together into the same color.

It was fun to play with though.

The picture on the side I used to tannish bronze color as a wash and the green in the corner. The last picture I used to green on the lid and the other color everywhere else.