Monday, February 15, 2010

My Hair Routine

So I've been blogging for a minute and I just realized I've never posted my hair routine. It's pretty simple. Sometimes it changes depending on the porducts I'm using but not too often.

Shampoo- I shampoo about every three or four days. Or just whenever I feel like I need it. I never have itchy, or flaky scalp so I guess so far this method has been working. The only thing is that usually everytimes I shampoo my hair seems to be a little dryer than it was previously.

Conditioner- I condition every time I shampoo. And then I conditioner wash whenever my hair feels dry or just to revive curls. Usually this is once between shampoo. I wet my hair everyday though (even in the cold weather, I've never gotten sick from it.)

Styling Product/Moisturizer- I usually use this everyday after wetting my hair. It usually is just whatever gel, leave-in or whatever I have at the time. I tend to go through one product at a time.

And that's it. Pretty Simple Right? I'm still gonna try twist out styles. I can't believe I'm almost two years and I've never done one.