Thursday, February 4, 2010


Ok. Well, this has bothered me for awhile. Freshman year I had a conversation with someone about "white people products". Sometimes, people say such ignorant stuff but luckily I'm pretty good at holding my tongue.

She basically said her hair was "too nappy" for white people products. As though the ingredients they put in products marketed towards white people know how to discriminate against her hair. And as though all white people have silky hair that needs minimal styling and conditioning. (ummm yeah NOOOOOOOOOOO, let's not pretend we've never seen a white person with dry hair). But that's another topic.

Yes, I acknowledge that different hair types need different products but sometimes just because it's marketed to a certain demographic does not mean it cannot work in your hair. When are people going to realize that that is just what it is. MARKETING.

Well, that's just my rant for today.