Monday, March 15, 2010

Afrikan Republic Lavender Shea Butter

I've had this forever.  I don't know why it's taken me so long to do the review. I already used and reviewed did the Lavender Vanilla one which I really liked.This cost 3.75. Which is pretty expensive for only one ounce of shea butter. Is it worth it?

It claims:
This handy unrefined shea butter scented with Lavender is now available in a convenient 1oz size that can easily be kept in your pocket, purse, desk drawer or glove box. Never be without the shea butter you love so much again!

It has a REAL Lavender scent. Nothing fake or chemical there. It's also pretty strongly scented. It didn't linger much.

When using it my skin hold the moisture pretty well and let's not forget all the places it's good for.  Hair, lips, feet, face, or anywhere on the body.

Unlike unscented shea butter the texture of this is hard and takes a little more elbow grease to work it into a workable texture.

Nice, but the price is kinda high. I still like keeping one on me and would love the try the other scents!