Thursday, March 18, 2010

China Glaze Ruby Pumps

My first China Glaze. I've heard alot about their polishes. The only place you can find them though is Sally's and I don't have a car. But when I finally did get to Sally's I bought this for my mom for Christmas. She has a tendency to always buy the same dark berry color so I thought I would help her out. So I applied this to her nails and thought it was so pretty that I wanted to ask for it back. (I didn't, not really). So when I went back to Sally's I snagged my own bottle. Hurray!!

And I'm not really the biggest fan of red but I am in love with this red. It's GORGEOUS. It has so many sparkles without being that CHUNKY annoying glitter. It's probably the most sophisticated nail polish I own. It's the perfect party color. I'm pretty sure it would look fabulous on everyone. And the pictures do it NO JUSTICE. It wears a long time and I love the bottle. The grip on it makes it so I don't have to put bite marks in the top.

It was five dollars but it was worth it. This is a must have. Oh, and if you don't have access to Sally's I saw a color that looks pretty similar to it by Milani. I think it was called Ruby Kisses.