Friday, March 26, 2010

MAC Goldmine

My wonderful friend Courtney got me this eyeshadow for my birthday. I was so shocked and happy to see MAC makeup. It took me awhile to start playing with it though. I just kind of sat on it for the longest. This shadow costs about fourteen dollars a pop. Pretty expensive.

The shadow itself is a very yellow based gold. Unfortutely, gold doesn't really look good on my skin tone. I think bronze flatter's my skintone best. If I just wash this over my eye I look kind of weird. I don't know. And it takes alot of layering but again I think thats because of my red undertone. I think this would best flatter someone with yellow undertones.

This does work for me when I use it with other shadows. Like a blue, brown. I love it under my lashline. It makes me feel flashy. (smile)Another way this color really works for me is in the inner corners. I think I had a color that was pretty similar when I had this quad by Covergirl. I had the same issues because of the yellow in it.

I don't know if I myself would pay fourteen for this because that is pretty expensive and I always feel like their something cheaper in the drugstore. I am a cheapskate.  But here are a few pics of how I made the gold work.

I like it. I may upload more pics of the looks I've shown here and tell exactly what I used. Stay Tuned and have a great weekend!!!