Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Music Lover: Alicia Keys

I love Miss Alicia Keys. Well not as much as I used to since I found out she was "dating"  a married
man, but besides that she has some amazing music.

I don't think she has the best voice, especially now because it seems to be getting hoarser. But she can PLAY that piano and write her butt off. I mostly like her singles and I must confess I didn't care much at all for her latest cd.

Oh, yeah, and I love this sistah's hair. Especially when she first came out and she would rock some bangin' cornrows and sometimes she even let the fro out. Her hair is even beautiful straightened. No scary looking obvious lace front's here.

Here are my favorite songs by her:
Try Sleeping With a Broken Heart
No One
Like You'll Never See Me Again
Lessong Learned
Teenaged Love Affair
Wreckless Love
The Thing About Love
If I Ain't Got You
If I was You Woman/Walk On By
You Don't Know My Name
When You Really Love Someone
Wake Up
People Get Ready
How Come You Don't Call Me
A Woman's Worth
The Life
Mr. Man
Never Felt This Way
My Boo

That's A LOT of songs. Oh yeah, one more thing, have you ever seen Alicia dance? She can't.(SMH) But she's so talented on the piano, who cares?