Sunday, March 21, 2010

Weight Loss and Tea Time

I indulge in something I like to call "Tea Time". Basically I drink two to three cups of tea a day. It seems to supress my hunger and I swear I lose more weight when I drink tea vs. when I don't drink tea. Anyway, I started drinking different flavors. I just thought I would adda review of one of the teas I tried recently.

Now I had to have this tea because of the packaging. It's so pretty with it's tiger on it.I probably should have read the ingredients though because this is "not my cup of tea." It basically tastes like hot liquid, big red. It also tastes kinda like vodka to me. I don't know. I guess you can say I don't like it. At all. It doesn't taste good cold either.

The only good thing about it is that I don't have to add much sugar since it's kind of naturally sweetened.

Oh yeah, the ingredients are good too. And hopefully some of the benefits of the ingredients will help me out.

Cinammon- lowers bad cholesterol, may regulate blood sugar
Roasted Chicory- powerful antioxidant,natural sedative, anti-inflammatory, helps the body digest foods and liquids better, good for the liver and gallbladder
Ginger-helps with nausea and digestion, calms an upset stomach, helps minimize respitory conditions such as cold and allergy
Cardamom-helps with indigestion, stomach pains, and flatulance, helps with symptoms associated with menstrual period
Black Pepper- Improves Digestion, stimulates breakdown of fat cells, helps with upset stomach
Cloves-  helps with blood circulation, good for metabolism and digestive disorders
Nutmeg- helps detoxify the body, stimulates the brain, good for digestion

Good Ingredients..

I also like the company. They are very environment friendly. Plus the tea is free of artificial color, flavoring, and perservatives. I guess I'll finish the box. I wish I liked it more.