Saturday, January 21, 2012

Straight Hair, Don't Care

About two or so weeks ago, I had my hair straightened. I was really in need of a trim...but I honestly was not satisfied. I went to this beauty/barbershop called Black and Whites in Landstuhl. And let me just say never again. I was there for four hours. FOUR. Mind you, it does not take four hours to straighten my hair. The woman that was doing left in the middle of it for TWO hours to meet with her lawyer.

Can you say unprofessional?

And then had the nerve to tell me she was going to give me the haircut "free", but charge the the same rate anyway. She probably thought I wouldn't notice. The sad thing is this woman was talking that "Jesus Talk" the whole time and was quoting bible versus to her friends.

*Blank Look

So I payed 45 euros...roughly almost sixty bucks. And I wasn't even satisfied with what it looked like. She kept adding more and more heat to it, and it didn't stay looking the same for more than twenty minutes afterwards. AND she bashed some of the German woman stylists and honestly the German woman that did my big chop and straightened my hair did a much better job.

But anywho, these were the five day later results. My hair took a beating with the coloring that I used, so I'm trying to grow it out. My natural hair without the color was soo soft. Now I'm going to concentrate on getting my hair back to what it was before when I hadn't used the coloring. It was longer. I lost about two inches of length.
 Note: I pumped it up on purpose. I was dealing with major shrinkage so I decided to be silly with it.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, after the straightening some of my hair did NOT curl back up. I'm going to attempt straightening it myself in about a month.

Yeah, I talk to myself. LOL. So what?