Sunday, September 23, 2012

Black Radiance Liquid Lip Color in Whisper Pink

I've had a very busy weekend...but before I start let me tell you about my NARS make over. I just so happened to walk in while they were demonstrating NARS products on customers and one of the makeup artist matched me to the RIGHT color. Before when I got matched the lady just slapped on the three darkest shade and none of them matched. And I got to try on the Taj Mahal blush and some blue liner! It was nice. But anyway, that's all off topic. Today I'm going to review Black Radiance Whisper Pink. I bought this in Wally world before I left the states for $2.99. Usually I love their glosses but...this   one I could do without. 

Black Radiance claims:
Applies like a gloss providing sheer color and shine. Moisturizing formula conditions and softens lips

So this one is different than the others I have tried because it is a lip color instead of gloss. The packaging is round instead of square. And the applicator is a doe foot instead of a brush. (I like the brushes better!)

So..the reason I don't like this is the color. If I apply's this pale ashy pink thats a no-no on darker skin tones such as mine. If you are lighter, this should look great on you no problem. 

The only way I could wear it is to put it over a pink lipstick. (I don't own any) So instead I usually use it in the house when I'm not going anywhere.

In my opinion, Black Radiance has other glosses I'd rather repurchase than to buy this.... Oh well, I tried.