Friday, September 28, 2012

Falling In Love with my Denman Brush...Again! years and years ago I did a comparison with Goody's version of Denman brush and that actual one. I gave the Goody one to my sister and mom....but found out that they completely broke the brush. And my mom said she really like I let her have mine in hopes that I would buy another one. But at ten bucks I just didn't want to buy another.

So I didn't. And I am telling you, my hair suffered. Until I came back home and found my beloved brush buried way deep in the bottom of a basket full of hair junk. So...I...ummm....took my brush back. I mean no one was using it right?

Besides that, no one noticed it missing. So I got my brush back and I love it all over again.

It makes my hair more curly by helping to define the curl. For the last year my hair has been a lot more frizzy without it. (sad face)

It takes out that shed hair that like to collect and hang in balls at the end of my hair. I hate that.

And last but not least it defines.


I love my Denman!! And if your a curly,kinky,nappy, girl...I highly suggest adding it to your collection!!

That's all ladies! Have a great weekend!!