Sunday, September 9, 2012

Heels, Heels, Heels

Confession Time! I have a big soft spot in my heart for heels. I love them. And now that I have a job I can buy more. It's not the job I all..but it will get me through getting a Master's Degree. 

Anyway, back to heels. I love them but don't wear them. I'm already pretty tall without heels at 5'6.5 so when I have heels on I'm taller than most men. And I hate that. Another reason I don't wear them that much is because they kinda hurt. At the most I can wear for around three or four hours with minimal walking. And that's assuming they are the good ones. My fave brands are Jessica Simpson and Steve Madden. They are better made than the super cheap ones you find in some shoe stores. Not to mention super cute. 

I bought these for around forty. After I bought them I realized I don't really like the patent leather look. They are still cute with jeans but I wish it were different material. And of course by my fave brand Jessica Simpson.

These are also JS. I paid twenty for them...and I don't like them anymore. I only bought them to go with a dress. And wore them exactly once...these are just so uncomfortable.

I bought these this summer and have yet to wear them.  Another Jessica Simpson show. Now these are HIGH, and strangely comfortable. They look super cute with bright jeans!

These are Steve Madden. I bought these were twenty bucks. They are probably my favorite. They are so glittery. Much more captivating in person. When I went out clubbing with my friends, I took these off after wearing about four hours and tucked them on the side, tell me why this dude almost stole my shoes? (Serious.)

These I bought for twenty bucks. They are unique and I love 'em. They are also Jessica Simpson.

Now my collection is pretty sad but once I get my first pay's on. Now to practice walking in them all. I hate seeing women walking like they feet hurt when they wear heels. I tend to point them out and laugh. Don't judge me. You know you do it too!