Monday, September 24, 2012

The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Parfum

 I just finished baking a sweet potato pound cake and the house smells...delectable!! But anyway that's a lil bit off topic. After finally finishing up the Japanese Cherry Blossom stuff I decided to go ahead and try this. I never really understood musk scents and still don't. But I thought I would try it anyway. I paid twelve bucks for it...which is half price because it usually costs twenty four.

The Body Shop claims: 
Our iconic White Musk(®) fragrance in a lasting eau de parfum. This sensual scent unites a heady mix of notes including musk, lily, iris, rose and vanilla.
Lasting eau de parfum
Contains cruelty-free synthetic musk

Sooo...I like this scent when first sprayed but I'm not really a fan of how it develops on my skin. It smells almost like something a man would wear mixed with floral and it turns into old lady scent on my skin. I don't smell the vanilla, rose, lilly, or iris. But my nose isn't really trained to pick all that up.

It does last if I spray quite a bit but since I don't like the scent too much it doesn't really matter to me.

I can't wait til my bottle is gone so I can use something else. Oh well, I tried. I think I'd rather smell like that pound cake I baked.