Friday, November 23, 2012

Discontinued Beauty Products

One of the worst things in the WORLD is when your favorite beauty product has been discontinued.

Ok, I exaggerate. But it is a pretty awful feeling.

First you panic, then you try to think of what else you can use and that's when you find out that nothing can compare to the product you loved!

So what to do when it happens to you?

Why, check Ebay of course.

Six years ago, I found the most amazing foundation. Perfect match, consistency, coverage, everything about it was a dream. Nothing measures up to hat stuff. I have,of course, some other favorites but they aren't on the same level of my precious L'oreal HIP foundation.

It was probably around five years ago that I noticed they weren't selling it anymore. And it wasn't until last month that I thought to check Ebay.

Lucky me, it was there. For eight bucks!!! 

I might have to go back and order a few more bottles.  I only use it on occasion. I wish they would bring it out again.

Anywho, the moral of the story...when your favorite product is discontinued...CHECK EBAY!!!