Saturday, March 23, 2013

Afrikan Republic Haul!!!

A few weeks ago I recieved an email from Afrikan Republic, they wanted to send me some of their products for review! I was so excited. I still am! 

I have ordered from them before, but it was a couple years ago. Since then my dad has ordered a few things. And I got another one of their Lavender Vanilla Shea Butters. Which I've been sort of saving.  I love this stuff. It smells like lavender ice-cream. Yum! 

I planned on ordering more from them one day, but we still have a pretty big container of Shea Butter. I'm not sure where this particular one came from but you can see I still have a lot to go!

Anyway, let's get to the good stuff! They sent me three products that I'll be using over the next month before I write a review.

The first is the Afrikan Republic Green Tea & Tea Tree Cream. I think this one might be my favorite out of the three. It's basically a non-greasy facial cream with excellent ingredients. It smells like Lemongrass or Carol's Daughter Hair Milk. The original one. It's a nice scent.

The next product they sent is the Afrikan Republic Black Love Shea Butter for men. I'm not really sure why they sent this one because...well...I'm not a man. I did try to use a little bit because I thought the scent wasn't too manly in the jar. But when I rubbed it into my skin, the scent grew more and more masculine. So I gave it to my dad. Although I wouldn't use it myself, it would make a nice gift for a man. Ignore the beat up label, when you order it it should look better!

The last product is the African Republic Golden Whipped Shea Butter. I'm surprised at how much easier to use this Shea Butter is. It's so much softer so that makes it easy to pick up as opposed to digging the other one out with my fingers and usually scraping my nail polish off! So far so good!

And there you have it!!

Be on the lookout for the reviews!!