Saturday, March 30, 2013

Lush Godmother Soap

Yet another Lush Soap review. I bought this from Lush UK after Christmas. This particular soap is one of Lush's cheaper soaps (read cheaper, not cheap). It ranges from about $5.00 to $6.40 depending on if you get it in the US store or Lush UK. I do notice that according to ingredient list the UK version has glycerin and the US/Canada version does not have any.

Lush claims:
We know some of you out there use dish soap to wash your hands. Consider this bar of pink, candy sweetness your hand washing fairy godmother and make the switch! Much gentler than the stuff by the sink; our Godmother will charm and enchant your entire body with the famous Snow Fairy scent of bubble gum and candy floss. Our loyal fans and customers wanted a soap that smelled like our famous Snow Fairy shower gel, and we just couldn't say no. Care for your skin and satisfy your sweet tooth all in one wash!

So first off,every time I read the name I think of Cinderella's fairy godmother. The last time I watched it was a year ago, I might need to watch it again. It's a really good movie!!

Anyway, this is a soap review so let me get back to the topic at hand. It's scented like Lush Snowfairy. I've already experienced that scent in Magic Wand (a bubble bar) and didn't really like it. I was hoping I might like it in soap form.

It smells like Swedish fish mostly.
And pears.

But then when I use it in the shower it starts to smell like cherry medicine and bubble gum. Two scents I really despise.

Not my thing at all. Luckily it doesn't linger. Except in the bathroom a little...but the lingering scent doesn't bother me that much.

The actual soap is a pretty berry colored glycerin soap. It you use it to wash your hands the water runs off pink. It doesn't lather much on it's own but use it on a shower puff and you should be Ok.

I wouldn't say this soap it super drying but I do need lotion afterwards.

I cut my soap into about five pieces to make it last longer but it still doesn't last longer than two weeks. It hits water and just melts away! And just so you know, this is marketed as a hand soap and I tried it as both.

Water (Aqua) , Propylene Glycol , Rapeseed Oil , Coconut Oil (Brassica napus; Cocos nucifera) , Sodium Lauryl Sulfate ,Perfume, Sodium Hydroxide , Sodium Stearate , Synthetic Musk ,Glycerin, Sodium Chloride , EDTA , Tetrasodium Etidronate , Benzyl Benzoate , D&C Red 28 , D&C Red No. 33

I didn't like this soap at all...but there is a soap that has the same pear scent as this (minus cherry medicine and bubble gum)  that is all natural and a lot cheaper that I would recommend, Nubian Heritage African Black soap.

Next up, Porridge!!