Tuesday, April 9, 2013

100% Natural Products Haul

For years and years, I have been telling myself I wanted to try more natural products.

And finally, I picked up some of the things I had been wanting.

1. Coconut Oil- Six bucks for 14 oz. of all natural unrefined organic coconut. It smells yummy and I want to try it in my hair as a deep conditioner and a moisturizer. I'm also going to try is as a lotion!!

2. Olive Oil- I want to try it in the same way as the coconut. They say Extra Virgin Olive Oil is best!

3. Vitamin E- I'm going to start taking Vitamin E pills. Mine aren't naturally derived but they were a good deal. My mom got a two pack for 6 cents! Vitamin E is good for skin, hair, and your heart! 

4. Cocoa Butter- They had these on sale for 65 cents. So I snatched up eight of them. I plan on making some lotion with them. One day.

5. Argan Oil- When my parents went to Morrocco they came back with some Argan oil. They didn't bring me my own bottle but I took half of one. It's Jasmine scents and smells AMAZING!!! 

I used some to blow out my hair before I flat ironed and it was great. Must. Have. More.

I'm pretty proud of myself. Now I just need to start using this stuff!!