Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Slatkin Cider Lane

It's candle review time!

This is one that I had to have. But I didn't find out that I had to have it until after I placed my order. So I placed a second order.

It's caramel and apple. It just sounded so delicious I had to have it!! The reason I didn't get it was because I thought is was an apple cider scent...such a misleading name!

Slatkin claims:
As heartwarming as our annual trip to the local apple orchard each year, our delicious fall blend fuses mulled cider and warm caramel with a hint of sweet cinnamon

The cold scent is...blech.

It smells much better one you light it up. And it has the perfect strength. Not to strong..not to weak.

Then I smell a lovely golden delicious apple scent. (Golden delicious is my fave!!!)

Then after awhile the caramel builds up. It's aight. I thought it was going to be better!! I don't get any cinnamon like the description say.

This one gave me a little bit of problems. When I first lit it, it didn't want to burn to the edges. I had to use the foil trick to get it to act right. Other than that it's a slow burner so it will last a good while!

Overall, I like it...I don't love it.

And now I'm really craving caramel apples. Anyone have a recipe they want to share with me?