Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Vera Wang Preppy Princess Perfume


This was a Christmas gift that I meant to write a review for a LONG time ago. But I had some stuff I was trying to finish up first...It's not really a winter perfume though so it's almost perfect timing!!

Vera Wang claims:
Preppy Princess is a juicy and luscious woody - fruity fragrance that combines top notes of tangerine, red apple and crushed red berries with a floral core of honeysuckle and jasmine, placed on sensual base notes of woods and coconut water.
New Preppy Princess feels like a queen feeling she was born to rule. The leader of a clique, educated, young and beautiful, she attends school on the Upper East Side and wears impeccable plaid clothing and a pear necklace ...

Let's talk about the bottle first. When I think Vera Wang I always picture wedding dresses. Classy, elegant, beautiful wedding dresses. When I see this bottle I think preppy, TEEN, juvenile. Two totally clashing ideas. I'm not really a fan of the bottle. I've tried to like it but I just...don't. And the pearls fall off the top.

As for the scent it's a floral. I'm not really a floral girl. I mean there is an occasional floral scent I like. The reason I don't really like this is because it reminds me of a Ralph Lauren Romance knock-off I bought when my and my family went to Rome. I was in High School then. 

It lasts Ok as long as I spray both my clothes and my skin. I think I'm just looking for a scent that will develop with my skin and smell amazing.

Oddly enough I have gotten compliments on it!

Anyway, it's worth smelling if you are into floral scents, especially if you are a fan of Ralph Lauren romance.

I'll finish up the bottle but won't be looking to repurchase when I run out! 

Sorry Vera!