Monday, January 20, 2014

Lush UK Haul

I can't even tell you how excited I was to get my package from the Lush UK Christmas sale. 

And how disappointed I was to receive it.

It came like this....

Retaped because it had fallen apart. And a few things came broken or cracked. I contacted LUSH UK and they are replacing the items...after requesting I send pictures and a whole lot of correspondence that was pretty annoying. I don't like their customer service. :(

Anyway on to what I got....

 Christmas Eve Bubble Bar
Smells amazing. Could look better. I've seen ones from previous years and those looked a million times better. But anyway this is the best jasmine scent I've ever smelled in my life. 

 Bombardino Bomb
Light Bakery Lemon scent. I like it...just hope it translates well when dissolved in water.
He's really dusty looking but the ones in the store were really cute!
 Father Christmas Bomb
I ordered this last year but they ran out and sent me Lush So White. I'm happy to have this one finally. He smells like sweet tarts!
Cinders Bath Bomb
Smells nice. Like wild cherries and cinnamon. Little small though.
The Christmas Penguin Bomb
Broken at the bottom....I put him back together for his photo shoot. He smells nice. Fresh and Watery. Would be cute if he wasn't so damaged! I think his face is missing something...
Secret Santa Ballistic
Smells nice..citrusy and pleasant. But was really soft and super dusty.I'd better use it soon!
Shoot for the Stars Bomb
Honey I washed the Kids scent. Smells amazing. Basically Honey Bee bath bomb in blue. Sticky toffee and honey scent. Mmm... Arrived broken...tried to piece it together for the picture!

Smells like licorice and is weak. And arrived completely crushed. Couldn't even fix it for the picture. Dissapointing!

Eggsnog Lip Balm
Already used it. Hate the smell. Very artificial eggnog scent. Moisturizing though. Go figure!
Minty bath bomb...I've never had a mint bath product so this will be my first!
Ma Bar Bubble Bar
Honey I Washed the Kids scent again. But really lightly scented. Hopefully it get's stronger when I use it!

Fizzy O' Therapy
Smells like spices. Not really a fan of the scent but hopefully that changes when I actually use it.

So I have a lot to go through! I'll be waiting on my replacements and will retake pics when they get here....Stay tuned for the reviews!