Monday, January 27, 2014

Youtube Can't Make Me

I feel like that title came from a very childish part of me. But anyway, youtube inspires a lot of my purchases...well that and blogs. But sometimes youtube has a way of ensuring I never buy a certain product. Mostly it's those products that send out products to a million people for free to review. And I understand that's a good business strategy. If you are a company that isn't very well known having a few beauty gurus do a product review pushes your product out there. What bothers me is the people that use the products giving out great reviews and recommending not so wonderful products. If you aren't doing your due diligence as a consumer and really researching a product you may end up spending your hard earned cash on products that really aren't worth it. 

So while theres a lot of products youtube has influenced me to want...there's a few products I refuse to buy.

Here is my list. It's kind of short right now because I forgot most of the products...but if I remember them I promise to remember to come back and update!

1. Sigma Brushes-Sigma gave a LOT of gurus brushes to review. And I just don't think most of those reviews were very honest. I did some extra research and found that some of the people that didn't receive the brushes free had brushes that were shedding, the dye was bleeding, the handles weren't attached very well...and much more. On top of that Sigma seemed to copy MAC...they don't so much anymore. At the time I just thought they were too expensive (although cheaper than MAC) and if you were really bargain hunting you could find a much cheaper but good quality brand if you really did your research....

2. Coastal Scents Palettes
I only refuse to buy palettes from this company. I checked out the website and I would actually purchase Shea Butter and other oils from them. Just not the palettes.(That includes the conceal or palette and blush palettes too!) At one time it seemed like everybody and their mama was talking about this palette. I think it was 88 colors for twenty bucks. Which seemed like a good deal. Except I think this is like every other cheap palette you can get anywhere. Plus it doesn't help that this is the same palette a lot of places in China sell, Coastal scents just seems to buy the product in bulk and stamp their name across it. If you really want the palette you can find it on ebay for a better price. Didn't mean to throw salt in Coastal Scents game but yeah.....

3. And finally, Candles By Victoria. I love candles so sometimes I watch candle reviews...and it seems like someone is always recommending Candles by Victoria. So I decided I was going to try and order some. Until I found out her shipping was $30. For seven little candles. That is outrageous. I have a military address...which for all intents and purposes counts as a US address. The most I've had for shipping for any other company for shipping is like $12. So I wrote her...and I got a less than satisfactory response. She could have offered to look into those prices or something. But she didn't. And that's OK because there are many other candle companies out there with reasonable shipping prices.

Anyway, that's all for now...I will definitely update if I come up with more.

Have a wonderful Tuesday!!!