Monday, March 24, 2014


Ciara came out when I was in high school. There was not a person that wasn't addicted to the song "My Goodies". I loved that song. And it has a positive message. That was "crunk music" era...but that genre seems to have died out. And been replaced with techno. Ugh.

I remember when she came out there were a lot of people comparing her to Aaliyah. I won't mention the other rumor. Anyway, I LOVE Ciara...she can't  sing but she can MOVE. I use to watch her vids wishing I could dance like that. And she's so pretty but I wish she would do something about those weaves...

Anyway, I love her music too...well her first two albums. Everything since then has sort of ...sucked. I haven't heard her new album with the exception of Body Party. I like that song. Anyway, these are my fave songs by her.

I know that's Chris Breezy performance but Ciara DID that.

Anyway, these are my fave songs by her

Ride- My jam...nuff said....
Get Up- Loved the video...that dancing was on point!
Goodies- Who doesn't like this song?
Like a Boy- Came before Beyonce's if If I Were a Boy and sounds a million times better
Promise- Lyrics are so cute
Body Party- My most recent fave song by her

Now if you excuse me I have to go bump Ciara!