Friday, June 20, 2014

Youtube Made Me Buy It

A few months back I did a "Youtube won't Make Me Buy It', so I thought I would try to do the opposite. I watch ALOT of youtube. I think that I watch it more than regular tv. I love watching product reviews and tutorials and anything about makeup in general. Of course it has influenced what I have bought. I just wanted to point some of those products out.

1. Urban Decay Naked Palette- Everyone raves about this palette and I think it deserves all the raves it gets. The shadows are extremely pigmented and work well for everyday. Technically, I didn't buy it but I talked about it enough that my little sister bought it for me for my birthday!!!

2. Urban Decay Primer Potion- Before youtube, I would have NEVER bought a primer. With everyone talking about how you need primer to prevent creasing and make your shadows go on more vibrant- I had to pick some up! Unfortunately, this doesn't keep my eyeshadow as fresh as it could be although I'm better off with it than without. I even had the Eden version and HATE that one!!

3. NYX Eyeshadow- This company wasn't even on my radar but so many people on youtube rave about NYX. They are OK to me. They have nice pigmentation for the price and a huge color selection but for some reason the formula just isn't my favorite. 

4&5. MAC Raizin and NARS Taj Mahal- Praised very highly for Women of color. I love Taj Mahal and Raizin is OK depending on the season and my skin tone. 

6. Lush Products- Some stuff is nice...other stuff was just average for me. I have fun trying it though!!

7. Real Techniques Crease Brush- Pixiwoo using this brush all the time made this a "must get my hands on it brush." And I love it!!

8. Bath and Body Works Candles- Everyone seems to have these and I had to try them to. They burn excellently, have a strong throw BUT I don't like the scents as much as I do from other brands. 

9. Sonia Kashuk Bent Eyeliner Brush- Love this brush for gel liner. Saw a could people using this and the flat top brush and had to have both!

10. Smashbox Primer- Made two foundations I've tried it with better but I'm still not sure it's worth the cost. It made it into my favorite though! If I could find a cheaper alternative I would be he happiest girl!

What has youtube influenced you to buy? Were the products worth the hype?