Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rimmel Exaggerate #063 East End Snob Full Color Lip Liner

I don't go through lipliners very often. I know that basically every tutorial advises to use liners because they extend the wear of your lipstick-but I just don't have time to layer so much product on. I like throwing one thing on and heading out the door. But just for fun I bought these liners.

Rimmel claims:
Fine-tipped, precise automatic lip liner. Gives lips full volume colour and definition

I have two lipliners that are my go to. They are from Fashion Fair and I LOVE them. Whenever I have a color that looks a little clownish I add ones of those and it fixes the problem immediately. The colors I have are light brown and deep purple. I thought I would branch out so I picked this shade.

It seems that most recommend having a color that matches your lip color. I have two different colors on my lips which can make it kind of confusing. Am I supposed to use brown on the top and pink on the bottom? I don't think so. That rule seems only to apply if your lips are one color. Bummer.

Anyway, I got this because I thought it might help define some of the paler pink lipsticks I have. But I don't use it for that. I didn't find it made too much of a difference.

Most of the time I just put this on and some gloss on top when I want nude pink lips.

To be honest, even though I've been using it, I don't like it. First off, it's soft so it breaks off all the time. I'm not sure if thats because it's automatic because I find I have better luck with actual pencils.  Second of all, the color swatches richly on my hand but goes on my lips extremely patchy and uneven. The rich color that shows up on my hand does not show up on my lips. After a little time trying to get it on, it does show up but after all the trouble I go through to get it on- it doesn't last very long.

I don't like it at all.

Unfortunately for me I bought another shade that's pretty similar to this one. I really should buy things one at a time and buy more once I KNOW I like them. 

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