Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Glenn Jones

I've got to get back to blogging. I just haven't really felt like it the last couple of days. But I need to jump back into it. It's like my therapy. Feeling sad? Write a blog post. Especially a blog post about music. I love sharing music. Good music of course.

So let's talk Glenn. I love eighties music. And Glenn is essential to my eighties playlist. 

Especially this song. I had to post the live clip. It's not his best. I think he was nervous. But this video never fails to make me crack up, even on my saddest days. Still a great artist. 

And since I posted that, I thought I would post this one, it's not my favorite song-but you can tell he was getting used to performing.

Other favorites....

At Last- LOVE this song.
Show Me- LOVE this song too!
I am Somebody- My least favorite of these songs-but I really,really, really, like it. 

Check him out!