Thursday, March 20, 2014

Zucchini Pie

What kind of pie? Zucchini pie. Like a sweet pie. Weirdest thing I've ever made in my life. Well not really but it's close. I made three of these things. One recipe was was average...and one was the most disgusting pie ever.

Shall we start?

Not so good. Pureeing the zucchini just didn't work out.The crumb topping was kind of good though. But can you really go wrong with crumb topping? 

OH. MY. GOODNESS. This tasted just like apple pie. It was sooooo good. I think I ended up leaving the skin on. And it was so easy!! Great way to eat veggies. 

This one was missing some of the spices and just didn't taste as good as the first. 
I lost the pic for this one...So I'm just reposting the first...

Zucchini Pie I
HATED this. It was way too sweet. And I like sweet...but not like this. Couldn't find the pics for this one either....Who knows where it went? It was gross so I probably deleted it...Oh well...