Monday, January 14, 2019

Game of Thrones- Stewed Apples with Prunes

This is the year that Game of Thrones finally comes back!  And I'm ready. Usually I wouldn't wait an entire year for a show to come back. But when the show is as good as Game of Thrones, I don't have a choice. 

I still make things from the blog occasionally. I'm still cooking through the North. This time...stewed Apples with Prunes. Doesn't sound like it would be good. But I was pleasantly surprised.

I used to eat Stewed Apples all the time when I was young. They had them in daycare. Don't ask me why I can remember that far back. I'm pretty sure they were just from a can though.

These are a little more fancy because of the dried plums and the liquor. I made mine to go with dinner. I made chicken, rice, and broccoli. Which always seems to be my go to side. I need to branch out from Rice and Broccoli.

You can find the recipe for yourself here.

I followed the recipe almost exactly except I substituted the molasses for date syrup. Because that's what I had on hand.

They were really good. I would definitely make them again!


Zum Bar Seaweed Goat Milk Soap Review

Seaweed is a very popular ingredient in Beauty products. The Body Shop had a skincare line based around seaweed and Lush had a soap and bath bomb that used it. It's been awhile since I've used anything with Seaweed in it. I think it's supposed to be a balancing ingredient-especially good for combination skin.

Zum claims:

Arrrgh, Zum Lovey! An esteemed graduate of the Zum Lab, this bar uses its natural talents of organic raw nori seaweed to help soothe and tone skin. With the motion of the ocean in mind, we hand make this Zum Bar to rock your aromatherapy boat while smelling fresh and clean. If you don't know what rocking an aromatherapy boat is like, just order this Zum Bar up and whiff. Then you'll feel our flow.

So..scent. I'm not sure what it smells like. Just essential oil. I first thought it smelled like Eucalyptus but the Sea Salt soap from the same brand is Eucalyptus. It's not Lavender. And I don't think it's a very noticeable blend. It's not a particularly noticeable or recognizable scent. And they don't put it on the label which is something I don't like about the brand.

Enough of scent talk. I didn't really love it as a shower soap. But I did try it on my face. I thought it was excellent as a facial soap. I have combination skin and I thought my skin looked clean, smooth, brighter, and more even after use.

As for ingredients- I do think they are all natural and good for the skin. Goat Milk and seaweed. But I wish they would be more clear as to exactly what is in the soaps. The ingredients are vague.

Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, in a goat's milk base, with a proprietary blend of 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and organic seaweed. Enjoy!

I would buy it again to use exclusively on my face. 

Sunday, January 13, 2019

Urban Decay EZ Lipstick Review

 It's the fourth color!

I took an extensive blogging vacation. I usually do around the Holidays. But I think I'm ready to come back to regular blog posts now-so here we go!

Urban Decay claims:

Prepare to get hooked. Vice Lipstick comes in a massive lineup of 135 addictive shades and six indulgent finishes—our biggest lineup yet! 
Our shade range has it all: Bold brights. Dark, sexy shades. Super-versatile neutrals. With so much variety it’ll make your head spin, there’s something for everyone—from new shades to cult favorites you thought you’d never see again. Several shades were inspired by some of our other lip products (and even our Eyeshadows and Eye Pencils!).

This lipstick came in the VICE palette they came out with a couple years ago. Red is not a color I wear very often but I do love it. Throw on some red and I feel fancy. This particular red is an orange based red that looks great in the summer and nice in winter months too. I really love the color and I don't have a similar red already in my collection. They are all different anyway. 

The VICE lipsticks are creamy and they aren't drying at all. They also wear long if I apply, blot, apply, blot, and apply. The only problem I have with this one is that it tends to settle into lip lines after awhile. And it does not look cute. I notice this problem with another of the single lipsticks I have in the creamy formula from Urban Decay.

Overall the color is excellent. The wear isn't that great after a couple of hours. 

Random: Last year I got something from Tiffanys for Christmas. And now I have the iconic blue box-yay!!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Hi Energy-He's A Pretender

I haven't downloaded any new music in weeks. That's the struggle of new music. Thank goodness for the oldies though.

Starting with the 80's. Or at least I think this is an 80's song. Regardless I love it. Not well known though. I think I found it because I heard a remake first.

It's fun to get your eighties dancing on to.

Zum Bar Rosemary Mint Goat Milk Soap Review

I've been trying to blog for about an hour now but for some reason my computer is just not cooperating. I think it might finally be acting right. So today I have another Zum soap review. This was not on my top list of scents to try. I like the combination well enough, however, it's just not a scent I get excited about. definitely has it's uses.

Zum claims:

  • This duo speaks to your soul with balanced rosemary and positively fresh mint. They are known to stimulate body and mind, taking your shower to a metaphysical level.
    • Essential oils
    • Plant-based, simple ingredients
So let's talk the scent first. I actually really do like it for a very specific reason. I love rosemary. I love mint. Together it can smell kind of medicinal and boring. But before I tried this I had a headache because I smoked out the kitchen when I was making maple candy topping. Immediate headache. Mint is great for headaches. Rosemary mint together in a soap was magical. It relieved a lot of the pressure I was feeling in my head. And for that reason, I love this soap. I should keep a bar on hand just for that reason!

The lather is nice. As with all the Zum soaps. It was slightly more drying however. Not too bad, but still noticeable. 

The soap is green. A very pretty green. And has some sort of exfoliant in it. I think mint? 

I paid around 5-6 dollars for it. Ordered off which I don't think I would use because it took so long.

The one thing I don't like about Zum soaps is that they won't list all ingredients clearly. I hate that. But I think the soaps are all natural. They really should change the labeling.

Saponified 100% food grade olive, coconut, palm & castor oils, in a goat's milk base, with herbs, essential oils and mineral pigments. Enjoy!

Overall, one of the best soaps I have tried for headaches, not that I use soaps for headaches. I would recommend for that reason alone!

I bought Just Dance 2019 on Black Friday. It came super quickly! However, I really don't like the song selection for the most part or the dances. So far I'm super disappointed but I'm still trying to play through all the songs regardless.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Pumpkin Maple Pecan Cheesecake

My fifth cheesecake of the year and my contribution to Thanksgiving! This year we didn't do much for Thanksgiving-but I did make a new cheesecake flavor.

Now....I'm not a fan of pumpkin. My family origins are basically southern. And I'm a brown girl. So I grew up with Sweet Potato. And I 1000% prefer sweet potato over anything pumpkin. But I will still try it. Because I don't mind trying new things.

And I try to make at least one thing pumpkin a year. Usually I would buy a sugar pumpkin and roast and puree it myself. But I haven't found them here in Germany. So I used a canned. FIY Canned pumpkin smells HORRIBLE.

I didn't have high hopes but it actually didn't taste canned in the finished cheesecake. I did cook the puree for about 5 minutes. I don't know if that had something to do with it. I heard doing that gets rid of the canned taste. 

The spice combination was perfect. Mine was slightly too sweet because I added to 1/4 cup of sugar to the cheesecake instead of the crust.

My favorite part was the maple pecan topping. It was like maple candy. Soooo good. Although it doesn't look particularly nice in the picture.

It was about 75 percent pumpkin pie (good pumpkin pie, not the garbage in the stores!) and 25 percent cheesecake. 

I didn't take pictures of the whole thing. Just a slice because I was tired.

But it looked very good!

I got the recipe from Food Network. I will link it here, in case you would like to make it yourself!