Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Sumu Su Green Tea Rice Soap

I posted about this soap a couple of days ago. I decided to try a different brand from my usual. I've been reviewing the same brands over and over again-sometimes it's nice to switch it up. I think this was around four dollars and some change. I got it out the bulk section at Whole Foods. I went to pick up some Lux naturals-which in comparison this brand seems sloppy and not as thoughtful as Lux. The soaps just don't look as nice. They just have the presentation thing going on for them. But I gave them a try anyway.

  1. Sumu Su claims:
  2. Scents – Lemongrass, Litsea
  3. Used To: Moisturize/hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate, refresh

It's a green tea soap. And it doesn't smell like green tea soap. It smells like Lemongrass. Which I love the scent of Lemongrass but I was hoping for some green tea scent. It's supposed to be made with green tea rice water, and it does have a sprinkle on top (although most of the bars there had none!). I would much rather the soap have the green tea leaves throughout the soap. This way most of it fell of.
The lemongrass scent is good, but I've had lemongrass in a couple of different brands and it's one that does well in soap. It's not too strong and not too weak. Just right. It's a bright, uplifting scent that is perfect for morning showers.

The lather is nice. Not too drying. Not as moisturizing as some soaps I've tried though. I can skip lotion for the most part with no issues, except for a random dry patch I seemed to have gotten after using this. Other than the dry patch I haven't had any problems.

The lather is great, the soap is cleansing. But it does seem to melt away rather quickly. Definitely keep it as dry as possible between showers. 

The ingredients are great. All natural. All beneficial to the skin.

Distilled green tea rice water, saponified oils (olive, organic palm, coconut, sunflower), lemongrass essential oil, shea butter, kaolin clay

It's a nice lemongrass soap. It doesn't have me needing to try the rest of the soaps like some other brands made me want to do. But if you like lemongrass, this isn't a bad choice. 

Apple Turnovers

I made apple turnover. The best I've ever had/made in my life- they even beat my favorite ones that they sell in German bakeries. And I can't find the recipe. The blog just up and disappeared or else I can't remember the name of it.

The last one opened on me!

But I'll post about them anyway. And post as much as I can remember about the recipe. I chose it because it uses puff pastry, which I basically mastered making when I made Napoleons. So these take the most time of any apple turnover I've ever tried to make, but they are so worth it. I make the puff pastry the day before, then all that's left is to make the filling and bake it. That's where the recipe came in.

The filling was made on the stove with a lot of butter, some spices, and an unusual spice that I can't remember for the life of me. Most of the turnover recipes I've made you mix up the filling and bake it in the dough in the oven.

I made these twice. And the third time I made a batch with fresh strawberries and cream cheese. I can't even tell ya how good.

The best thing was sprinkling turbinando sugar on the outside while it baked to give it a little crunch.

And this recipe makes the first I literally sat outside the oven and watched the puff pastry puff.
Apple Filling

Strawberry and Cream Filling. 

I used my go to puff pastry recipe from Food Network. This is the only one I have tried. I like it because it uses a little less butter than other recipes. I like to use European Butter when I make the pastry so the puff can be a bit pricier, but still a lot cheaper than buying high quality puff pastry. 

I should make these and fill them with Nutella. 


Anyway, best apple turnovers I have ever made (not that I've made many..but still). I'll keep working on finding the recipe and will post it later if I find it. 

Do you have a go to apple turnover recipe? Share with me in the comments! I'm going to need something if I can't this one!

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Samples Review Whish Flawless Swipe Serum, MAC Falsies Mascara, and Strivectin Eye Concentrate

It's that time again, I've got another batch of samples to post a mini review on. Mostly samples of stuff I would never buy because of price, and overall they just aren't that impressive.

1. Whish Flawless Swipe Post Wax & Shave Serum- I had a sample of their shave cream before, and they don't do anything a drug store shaving cream doesn't do. But this product is on a whole new level of pointlessness. The price is $22 for 30 wipes. Which is very costly for a useless product. I shaved, wiped it on, and couldn't see the point. Stick with coconut oil, moisturizer, etc. The wipe barely had any serum on it, it smelled like cucumber melon but the scent didn't stick around. No recommendation and I would even pass on another sample. 

2. MAC Falsies Lashed Extreme Black Mascara- This mascara isn't terrible and wears ok, except when I wear it to work. Then it wilts and disappears by the time I get home. But when I don't do much it seems to last OK. I would be OK with that is it were a cheap drugstore mascara, but it isn't. So...not impressed with it enough to buy or even recommend. It did give decent curl, length and volume. It won't blow you away. But it was there. 

3. Strivectin Eye Concentrate for Wrinkles- I'm not an eye cream girl, I've tried many samples and have just determined them to be a waste of time for me. Whatever I'm using on my face goes under my eyes. This particular eye cream will run you $70. I didn't notice a difference in my wrinkles (don't have many at this point) but I did notice it clogged my skin all around my eyes and I had the bumpiest skin while using it. Not sure what's in it that my skin is reacting too, but not anything I would pay even $3 for. Just didn't do anything for me. But they are very generous with the sample. It will last you quite a while. And it's non-scented. As all eye cream should be. 

Another round of disappointing samples for sure. Better luck next time I guess.

Have you tried any of these? Like them? Love? Hated? Let me know in the comments!

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Mini Soap Haul

I've had the best intentions to blog, but then I got caught up with Once Upon A Time on Netflix. I love almost anything with fairy tales in it. Like the 10th Kingdom, which I really wish they would release a part 2- which will never happen but still I'll keep wishing. Once Upon A Time is almost as good, and I just had to get to the end of the first season, and now that I have, blog time!

I've been trying to get back to specific Whole Foods for a long time. But t's kinda far. I really wanted to get my hands on some more Lux Naturals stuff after I found out their Blackberry Sage soap is one of my most favorite soaps. I finally got to that specific store and now their selection of the brand sucks, and they started carrying another brand along with it-which I'm guessing it taking the usual shelf space. So I bought a couple. Just three really. But I thought I would share.

1. Sumu-Su All Natural Rice Water Soap- I had never heard of rice-water soap, but you know me, I'm always ready to try something new! Most of the scents just didn't appeal to me, but I thought I would pick this up because...never had a green tea soap before. The soap I got looks nothing like the soap on the website, but I'm assuming they are the same. I'm already nearly done and will be doing a review. This is basically lemongrass scented soap, no green tea at all except what was sprinkled on top.

2. Lux Naturals Calendula Citrus Spice Soap- Again, I guess I was in the mood to go for scents I hadn't tried before. Never had a calendula soap but the gentle scent was calling to me, and I couldn't resist the presentation.

3. Lux Naturals Blue Haze- I remember this from last time I was in the store and regretted not picking it up. Patchouli and Vanilla. I love ALMOST anything blended with Patchouli so I couldn't resist. I'm most excited about this one.

Now that I'm looking at the site I'm wishing I had picked up the Almond Oatmeal Heaven soap too. I'm thinking instead of driving all over the world I will just place an order for them, even though they are more pricey and paying shipping is going to suck. I just really want to try them all.

So that's it! Stay tuned for the reviews!!

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Project Pan #15

Are we really at fifteen already? I'm a little late, but I wanted to space this one out a little more from the last one. And I've been slipping. I've been busy/lazy lately. And I miss my camera. I really do. I'm thinking about getting another. I really like having a separate camera even though I have two phones with cameras in them now. I just need a separate camera. 

Anyway, let's get started.

1. Urban Decay Virgin- GONE! I'm so glad this one is done. And years after I received my Naked I've finally used up a shade. Now here's to hoping I keep going.

2. Urban Decay Naked- Yeah, this one is still here. It's a little firmer pressed and I just don't really have a great everyday use for it. But it has to go. Maybe month and half it will be gone?

3. Too Faced Sun Bunny- Even though I barely use it, it's disappearing. I'm not mad though. I'm over it and ready to move on to the next. 

4. Too Faced Brow Kit- I only fill my brows in when I get home. Which makes no sense. But it's helping to use it up. It's just the wrong color for me and I am determined to use it up. 

5. NYX Minimalism- I've used this sparingly a couple times. It doesn't seem to be going anywhere...but I'm going to keep at it!! 

6. NYX Peach Bronze- This is an easy everyday color for me. Except I haven't being wearing eyeshadow everyday. And if I do it's always matte brown in the crease. But I'm adding this to project pan. -forgot to take a pic, but I will add it next time!!

So those are the things I'm currently panning. A solid five. I'm liking the smaller list. Think I might keep it that way.

And onward with the panning!

Random: I decided to try some Mango Ice-cream because I love Mango-but this one is way tooooo sweet. Is it wrong that I add it to green smoothies to tone down the sweetness?


Sunday, January 29, 2017

Biggs and Featherbelle Grizzly Bar Soap Review

The last soap bar I had seemed to last forever. Not that I'm complaining, it was nice not having to buy another soap bar two weeks later (ok, sometimes 2.5 weeks later). So more than 2.5 weeks later, I picked up the Grizzly Bar soap from Biggs and Featherbelle. They do fun plays on the word bar- grizzly bar, grizzly bear, although I wouldn't necessary match the scent of this soap with grizzly bears.

Biggs and Featherbelle claims:
give your skin a warm & Fuzzy bear hug

Olive Oil:
moisturizes & easily absorbs, does not clog pores
Wheatgerm Oil:
rich in Vitamin E
Patchouli essential Oil:
soothes skin
Spruce & Fir essential oils:
refreshing, antiseptic & antifungal

The first Biggs and Featherbelle soap I tried was pretty disappointing because I could barely smell them. The last couple of ones I've had have been more strongly scented, which I'm loving. The scent of this one is Patchouli, Spruce and Fir. I know what patchouli smells like-and I love it. Patchouli is a scent you either love or hate. And whatever Spruce and Fir smell like I'm loving this combination. It's not super strong-just strong enough that I can smell it, but not overpowering at all. I was surprised to like it so much the first time I lathered it up. 

Speaking of lather, it's plentiful, gets you super fresh and clean, and is not drying at all. Maybe even a bit moisturizing? I can skip lotion with no issues whatsoever. 

I only wish the scent would linger more.

I bought mine from my local Wegmans, out of the bulk section for $3 and some change. Much cheaper than the price they have listed on their website. I've also noticed other sites having these soaps priced cheaper so if you wanted to try them out and didn't have them locally, shop around.

The bar itself, is your regular handmade looking bar with swirls of red and every now and again you come across little bits, which I assume is the green tea. 

Ingredients are GREAT! All natural and also scented with natural essential oils. Just what I like to see. I'm really happy about the clay in it, which is also pretty purifying too.

Distilled Water, Saponified Oils (Olive, Cocount, Palm & Wheat Germ), Vitamin E, Moroccan Red Clay, Cocoa Powder, Green Tea Leaves & Essential Oil Blend (Patchouli, Spruce & Fir Needle)

If you are a fan of patchouli scented things, I would highly recommend it. If not, you may want to steer clear. Even so, it's still worth a sniff.