Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Worst 5 Facial Cleansers

I'm going to enjoy writing this post a lot more than I did writing the Top 5. I like to bash products way more than I like to praise them. It's just my nature (ha!).

So let's get started....

1. Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser For Normal to Oily Skin- The reason this is number one is because it is so highly recommended by dermatologists everywhere. I think that's because it's highly PROMOTED to dermatologists. My main problem with it is the ingredients. Nothing in it that seems to be especially good for the skin. Besides that it dries my face and makes my pores humongous! When I first started using it and until my skin got used to it I had a new pimple every three days. 

2.The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cleanser- Aloe is probably one of the best things you can put on your skin. It's great for sensitive skin and since my skin is sometimes sensitive I thought this would be good for me. It is gentle. Too gentle. My face was still dirty when I finished "washing" it. Not a fan at all.

3. Simple Moisturizing Face Wash- I fell for the marketing on this one. Another product full of junk. And it wasn't moisturizing. It was horribly drying!

4. Aveeno Clear Complexion Foaming Cleanser- Again, marketing. I always think of Aveeno as the extra gentle oatmeal brand. This may have helped fade blemishes a little BUT I had a new pimple on my face all the time so it kind of defeated the purpose. 

4. Olay Age Defying Daily Renewal Facial Cleanser- I bought this when I was 23. You can never start too early with anti-aging skin care as far as I'm concerned. Just don't start with this. Terrible ingredients and it left my face dull, dry, and coated feeling. 

5. Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar- Again, with the bad ingredients! Smelled like pork, I kid you not! And it left my face feeling "bumpy". In fact, most of the stuff on this list did.

Honorable Mentions:
Ponds Deep Cleanser and Makeup Remover- This clogged my skin up and made me breakout! Such an iconic product but no good for me.

The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash- I don't doubt the powers of tea tree oil...but this product had me breaking out consistently. 

Most of the products on this list seem to have something in common. They all seem to contain a ton of cheap filler ingredients and preservatives. So from now on I will only put better ingredients on my face. I'm starting to realize that all natural cleansers can be very affordable and I like the idea of using a product whose main ingredient is something like argan oil or olive oil as opposed to ceteryl alcohol or mineral oil. 

And you won't be finding any Neutrogena "Naturals" here either. I saw a bottle in Target the other day- after seeing the Kristen Bell commercial for the billionth time- and took a look at the ingredients. I have no idea how they call that stuff natural. Sure some of it is derived from natural stuff- but isn't everything?

Anyway, that's my list of facial cleansers that did not work for me at all! What are some of yours?