Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Body Shop vs Bath and Body Works vs Victoria's Secret

I am by no mean an expert on these three. I'm most knowledgeable about the Body Shop as I used to work there and have tried more of their products than any other brand. I just thought I would give my opinion on the three.

I'll start off talking about::

Now, many people often think that there products are natural. THEY ARE NOT. In my opinion though they do contain more natural ingredients in higher concentrations that either BBW (Bath and Body Works) or VS (Victoria's Secret).  Another thing about them is that they use fair traded ingredients..and don't test on animals. And they're products are often on sale and you can get a Love Your Body card for ten percent off f purchases and earn points to get free stuff. Not all their products are amazing but I do have a few faves from them. Most people will rave about their body butters, which are kinda nice. You just have to find the right scent and moisture combo.The only problem I have with them is that they don't ship to APO/FPO addresses. What about the women that serve in the military, do they not deserve to use the products?

Next Up Bath and Body Works:

The most widely available they probably have a store in every mall. And they often have a sale and hand out coupons. You never have to pay full price for anything. They also have a crazy following for just about every thing. Candles, hand soaps, lip balms, etc. They used to just come out with simple scents but these days they have gone a bit more complex fragrance wise. Which is good, sometimes one note scents can be a little...childish. Another good thing is that they usually have shower gels, mists ,eau de toilettes, and hand soaps so that you can layer to your hearts content. One of my problems with them is that they have so many chemical ingredients and tend to only use "extracts" in minute amounts. Another problem that doesn't bother me but it does bother many people is that they are constantly discontinuing scents. So if you all in love with something, you might return and it be gone.

Victoria's Secret:

Such fond memories of Vickie's Secret. This company got me started on that fabulous world of scent. I used to have a little collection, and I would never use it.I was always "saving" it. Now I don't save anything. If I have it, I use it.  There was one that I used to love, it was my absolute favorite, but now they discontinued it. It was sweet temptation. They need to bring that one back. Anyway after saying all of that, Victoria Secret is my least favorite of the bunch. Some of their scents I just straight up hate. For example, LOVE SPELL. It reminds me of high school and it is SO recognizable. Most of their scents are entirely too strong and headache inducing. And I can always tell when someone has used their products. My roomate is a big fan of them, sprays them everyday and every time I want to gag. And they use mostly cheap filler ingredients that leave my skin dry and itchy.

So..that was my quick thoughts on BBW, TBS, and VS. Which one is your favorite? Or do you despise all three?

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