Thursday, May 21, 2015

Yoko Papaya Spa Salt Scrub

This is my very first all natural scrub. I usually buy scrubs from The Body Shop and while they have some good ingredients, they also have some questionable ones (for me anyway!). Scrubs are one of those products that is relatively easy to make all natural. Anyway, I got this from my dad who got it in a country he was working in. He sometimes would pick random stuff and just bring it back. Usually my mom gets this type of stuff but she never uses I got it.

Yoko claims:
Papaya Spa Salt is for a skin whitening, enriched vitamin E, Papaya with natural salt benefits, it provides nourishment to your skin with pure papaya. A special formulation which contains the enzyme "papain" from Papaya which helps whiten and moisturize your skin giving you a new and radiant skin.

Made in Thailand

This isn't a brand that I have seen in any US stores, only on eBay. Ebay prices seem pretty high for at around $15. I think a fair price of this would be 7-10 dollars.

Anyway, this is a "whitening" scrub. I most certainly don't use it for whitening and don't really see how a scrub with these ingredients can white. Maybe brighten was the word they were looking for. I have been using it for about a month- once a week- and haven't noticed any so called "whitening".

Originally I was thinking I would use it for my face but I read somewhere that salt scrubs are not for the face. Plus the little pictures show it being used on the back and armpits anyway.

It comes in a little baggie and you shake a little out and get scrubbing. I've never used a scrub in this format but I do like it. Not as convenient as a scrub in a jar but it works. 

As for scent- I'm not a fan. It smells very artificial to me. Luckily it's not very strong when you use it....

My favorite thing about this scrub was how soft it made my skin. Soft AND smooth. For like four days. Usually I get about a day of super smooth skin from most other scrubs. This one keeps going and going and going. And I love that it's not drying...even though it's not oily at all. 

As with any scrub, it makes your moisturizers work much better.

I've used it about four times and still have just over half of the bag left. I would estimate it lasting about two months for me at using it once a month-which isn't bad at all!

I did take a look back into all the other scrubs I had used in the past and found they were mostly sugar based- based on the way this scrub performed I think maybe salt scrubs work better on the body. I'm not entirely sure but I will definitely look into more salt based scrubs in the future. 

Salt, Glycerine, Olive oil, Vitamin E, Papaya, Fragrance

Overall, I really do love it. I wish I would try more from them or that they were more readily available in the US. If it is available to you, this isn't a bad one to try!

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  1. I just bought this Papaya scrub. My girlfriend has been using it consistently for years. I hope it lives up to expectations.