Monday, August 19, 2013

Calvin Klein Euphoria Rollerball

The last perfume I reviewed was Vera Wang Preppy Princess. Of course, I used all of that. Surprisingly I miss it. I didn't love it...but I got so many people telling me I smelled nice and asking what I wore. Anyway, I bought this awhile back off of Macys for my mom. But it was actually another scent I was looking for so I kept this and gave her what I meant to get.

It was about twenty bucks but I think I got it basically free with a sale. Can't complain too much!

Anyway, I never smelled this so I ordered it blind.

Calvin Klein claims:

Mysterious. Provocative. Exciting. The fantasy and surprise of the black orchid creates a captivating oriental fragrance that contrasts exotic fruits, seductive florals and a rich, creamy signature.
  • Middle notes: lotus blossom, champaca flower, black orchid
  • Base notes: liquid amber, black violet, cream, mahogany
At first I didn't like it. It smelled kinda musky and like something a man would wear. 

Now I think it's OK.

But it still doesn't live up to the name.

I've gotten a few compliments. 

As always it's a little hard for me to describe. It's kinda berryish, with a little vanilla and musk. Terrible description I know. I think it fits with fall weather more than any other season.

For some reason, I can't really smell it on me after about an hour...but other people can so I guess that's a good thing.

The fact that it's a roller ball has it's negatives and positives. You can top up anywhere....but I miss having it spray out and spraying my clothes.

The packaging is cute. It's a little glass roller bottle...which is drop proof! ( I know, I dropped it on a marble floor)

Overall, I like it. Probably wouldn't buy another bottle. But it will be my fall signature scent until it's gone. Guess I'd better work on getting a winter scent. Any recommendations?


  1. I only smelt this a few weeks ago in a magazine and really liked it, I think it's quite expensive for Calvin Kline though, I know it's a designer brand but here in the UK you can find most of their perfumes relatively cheap.

    I hate it when a fragrance doesn't last long, I know people say they can still smell it but I bought the perfume because I liked the smell, so I'm gonna wanna enjoy it for more than an hour, that's why I love the Roberto Cavalli fragrance :-) I think you should have a look into the brand as they would be lovely Winter fragrances :-) Either that or Armani Code :-) Love them all! Great Review hun! xxx

    1. You summed up exactly how I feel about not being after not being able to smell a fragrance after an hour! I wear it for me too...but I must admit the compliments are pretty nice :) I'm going to the store today so I will definitely check and see if I can find some Robert Cavalli...I don't remember ever seeing him though...I wonder if it's exclusive to the UK? Hmmm. Thanks for the recommendation!!

    2. I wouldn't have thought it was just released in the UK as I'm sure i've seen youtubers from all around the world talk about it. I just checked and it's on there, maybe that helps? :-) I hope you find somewhere to try it. I think it's a love or hate perfume though so expect the fact you might hate it hehe I'd love to know what you think though if you ever do test it out :-)

    3. I didn't find it at my local store :( But I will check in the German stores!! They only have a small selection of stuff in the store I usually go to unfortunately!! I hope I find it too...when I do I'll let you know what I think :)