Friday, May 22, 2015

The Dream

Time for another music post- this time The Dream. I love The Dream. No, I don't think he can sing but his music is catchy. He's actually pretty unique too.

Back in the day they used to overplay his songs on the radio- which was kind of annoying. I downloaded his first CD anyway and was pretty impressed. I think his first album was definitely his best and he seems to be going downhill from there but most artists do!

My favorites song by him has to be Falsetto. I LOVE that song.

Some other songs I love by him are:

I Love Your Girl
IV Play
Sex Intelligent
Put It Down
Mr. Yeah
Kelly's 12 Play
Purple Kisses- Reminds me of Prince
Fast Car
Luv Songs
Playin In Her Hair
Shawty is a 10
Makeup Bag
Rocking That Thang
Sweat it Out

Now admittedly, most of these songs have not so great words in them. I love them anyway!

I never realized how many songs I had by him until I typed out that list. Hmmm. I guess I'm a bigger fan than I thought-especially once you consider how many songs I have that were produced or written by him.