Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Honeyed Chicken (Game of Thrones Recipe)

Game of Thrones is officially back on this week. I'm honestly Game of Thrones crazy. I LOVE that show. In between watching the shows, I read the books. I'm currently on the third book. And it's true, the author George Martin mentions food quite a bit. I honestly didn't pay it too much attention until I found a blog dedicated to recipes featured in the books. And then I found out there was a cookbook!

Too much excitement.
Legs wide open...LOL

I decided I would try some of the recipes on the blog and if I liked them enough I would buy the book.

Click here for the honeyed chicken recipe.

The first thing I made was "honeyed chicken". I've never roasted a whole chicken so it was definitely a first for me.

It came out pretty good. Although the vinegar taste was something I had to get used to. And the raisins. Raisins on chicken isn't something I normally eat.

Overall, it came out well but I don't think I would make it again.

But I will try other recipes. 

My favorite character on the show this far is old noble Jon Snow. 

Always doing the right thing....