Friday, February 6, 2009

Alberto Culver V05 Silky Experiences Champagne Kisses Shampoo and Conditioner

Since the last duo I had used was Suave I thought it would be best to contrast it with V05 since it seems to be Suave's biggest competition. I picked the Champagne one because I was in the mood for something pink and fruity.

It smells really good and leaves a good scent in the hair. I didn't tire of it at all. The shampoo didn't do too much damage. In fact it moisturized pretty good. I just wouldn't recommend overshampooing because then a problem might arise. The conditioner is a bit runny and I wouldn't recommend it fr damaged hair or hair that needs some serious TLC. It's not gonna work a miracle. When I rinsed it out it didn't seem as though it were going to do anything but when it dried it dried pretty soft.

The ingredients aren't the greatest, but for only a dollar something, one cant really complain. The good are the silk protein, glycerin, vitamin e, panthenol, and biotin. The rest are horrible and unfortunately pretty high up on the ingredient list.

For a dollar it is not a bad product and works much better in my opinion, then the Suave.