Thursday, April 8, 2010

This is the TWENTY-FIRST century!!!!

So is anyone else mad that the 2010 census has a category that reads African American/ Negro. Ummmm.

Negro. Are they serious?  Negro. That word went out some time ago.

I feel like we are taking steps backwards. The reason it said Negro was because they wanted to honor the Jim Crow Laws. Ummmmm.

Jim Crow. Seriously. How about we honor Dr. Martin Luther King or Malcolm X. Somebody hasn't been reading their history books correctly. Jim Crow was BAD.

And someone please tell me why the NAACP is ok with this. I identify myself as AFRICAN AMERICAN. Not Negro.

And another reason I read that the form says Negro is because 60,000 black americans wrote in Negro. Ummmm.

Somebody please tell them that 60,000 is NOT enough people to write the word in. Especially considering there are over 304 million people in the US.