Friday, June 18, 2010

Clinique Super Balanced Liquid Foundation

I got this foundation free with the Macy's Rewards Program. Well, from my parents that is. I need to get my own credit card. But I was in Macy's and I didn't even need a foundation but picked this up anyway. I was matched super quick, so I wasn't sure this was right but luckily it matched beautifully. No one can tell I have anything on. The normal price of this is 21 dollars for an ounce. Expensive but not as expensive as other department store foundations.
For me an ounce lasts FOREVER though. I only use a small amount.

Cliniques Says:
Superbalanced Makeup

The smart makeup. Liquid foundation with adjustable, oil-free coverage provides moisture and absorbs oil when and where needed. Silky upon application.Skin Types: 1 - Very Dry to Dry, 2 - Dry Combination, 3 - Oily,Coverage: Moderate Benefits: Balances combination skin, Long wearing

So does it really live up to it's claims? In my opinion no. I don't even think this is moderate coverage, I think that it is light. And it doesn't balance out my skin, I still get oily in my T-Zone and dry in my chin and cheek area. It's not extreme though. I also don't think it's silky on application, I mean it's alright. I just love the color though, it blends right into my skin And the finish is pretty nice. I feel like it makes my skin brighter.

Some people don't like th packaging because it's a glass bottle without a pump. And no pump means having to pour foundation out into your hand. That is unless you do it my way. I just shake it and let the product gather in the top. Then I just dip my brush into that and there you go. I feel like pouring it ot uses too much foundation anyway.

When I think Clinique I always think something for supersensitve skin. But this smells kinda chemical to me. Plus when I first started using this I would get little teeny tiny bumps on my face. Just something I noted. I don't get them anymore but I just thought I'de note it. It's lasting power is pretty good. You can always set with powder to make it last longer. It isn't the most transfer resistant. It only gets everywhere when I touch my face (which I shouldn't be doing anyway)

Overall, not bad. I definitely like it.