Thursday, August 11, 2011


I remember the first Avant song I fell in love with. I was in the sixth grade and got a mix cd because it had a few songs I really wanted (this was before itunes and downloading whatever song you wanted!). I think it was track number four. I heard mmm, mmmm, mmm,mmm, Mmmmm and fell in LOVE. Separated. That is my jam. And someone tell me why this is the perfect breakup least it was for me. An empowering breakup song. Kind of what Beyonce's new song Best Thing I Never Had (hate it) tries to be.

When going through Avant's catalogue..some of the songs were a little dissapointing. BUT that songs that I love, I LOVE.

Check em out:

My First Love- Song is magic, I think it's a remake
Making Good Love- Sexayyyyyy
Four Minutes
Grown Ass Man
Lie About Us- (a lil trife but...)
Ooh Aah
I Wanna Be
Read Your Mind
You Know What
Bedroom Boom
Oh yeah, I almost forgot I saw this brotha in a play, he was too cute (although much cuter with shades on).