Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My New Vanity!!!!

It's nothing special. Really it isn't!  But I'm loving it. My favorite thing to do is put on makeup. And I only had some old beaten up vanity that was uncomfortable low. So I went to IKEA and bought there "dressing table". I wish it came in black but I can work with the white. And sidenote: I love building furniture from IKEA, I think I should take a building class...

So far I'm loving it. I need a mirror but in the meantime I bought this mirror off of Amazon. It's pretty cute!!

I plan on making some drawer dividers one day and using the drawer as makeup storage. It might be awhile before I do that though. I need to buy the materials.

See this neat (but naked) earring tree I got. One of my best friend Berna gave it to me and I painted it. I really need to step the jewelry game up though because it looks so bare!!

This is my brush holder. I got it from IKEA too.

Overall, I'm not done but I'm working on it- Just thought I would share it so far.

How does your makeup set up look? Have any storage ideas I could borrow?