Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lush Sandy Santa Body Butter

It's almost the holidays again. That means they are bringing out the Christmas stuff. I had this from last year and never even realized it was a body butter/scrub. I just thought it was way to cute to use. But since I had run down all my Lush products I figured I should give it a go.

Lush claims:
With murumuru butter and shea butter, Sandy Santa is both a body butter and a sugar scrub. We’ve packed him full of butters this year to give a wonderful moisturising affect, and we’ve also included sugar and sand to smooth and polish your skin.

When I first got it I loved the scent. Now, not so much. Could be because it's old. And it doesn't get nicer in the shower. I could leave the scent to be honest with you.

And then, using it is kinda hard to figure out. It seems like it would disintegrate if you get it wet in the shower so I was very careful to make sure only my skin was wet. But that way was too harsh and scratched my skin a lot so I tried to be more gentle but that didn't help much.

Then it has this red dye that runs off of it and it does not look very appealing in the water. 

Eventually I just threw it in a jar and scoop some out. Which works ok...but it isn't very effective as a scrub because it melts to quickly.

Can't win. As cute as it is I just think it's a lot less fuss to use a traditional scrub. 

It makes my skin a tad smoother though. I've had better scrubs that make my skin a lot smoother though.

Overall, I wasn't impressed. Maybe I should try the infamous Buffy the Body before writing off all Lush scrubs. Just to be fair.

No recommendation from me though.