Sunday, February 9, 2014

Clean Those Makeup Brushes!

There is nothing I hate more than cleaning my brushes. I try to do it once a week (operative word being try!), sometimes I go a little longer. The reason it's so important to clean your brushes is because they can start to harbor bacteria which can cause skin issues like breaking out.

So how do you clean them? They do have the brush cleaners that you spray on a towel or something absorbent and rub the brush in. That's basically a spot clean. I haven't really cleaned my brushes that way. I do the "deep clean" method. 

It's easy. Just a little time consuming if you have a lot of brushes. I don't have that many. I have been throwing away some of my brushes...(especially Ecotools...they don't last that long!) and trying to slowly replace them.

1. Wet the brush

2. Add a gentle cleanser and suds it up. Not too rough though! I use a Body Shop shower cream I have that I don't like as a body wash but when I wash my brushes it makes them super soft. You can use whatever you shampoo, brush cleaner, or those little sample bottles of shampoo they give you in hotels. Just don't use anything too harsh!

3. Squeeze excess water out.

4. Leave them to dry overnight or longer. DO NOT EVER BLOW DRY your brushes. Make sure you try to shape it back to it's original shape or else it may turn out wonky. I usually let them set out on an old pillow case but you can use a paper towel or towel or something like that.

The next mooring you have nice clean soft brushes. Yay! All ready to get dirty again...