Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Rimmel Exaggerate Full Color Lipliner in 018 Addiction

I reviewed a similar color to this not so long ago from the same brand.

Rimmel claims:
Rimmel Exaggerate is a soft-textured, automatic lip liner that delivers rich color and precise definition.

When I brought both of the liners home I was kind of mad at myself for buying shades that were so similar to each other. (I had Easton Snob too).

From the packaging it looks like a deep pink with a lot of brown in it. It's almost the same on the lips, except it's a bit lighter than I was thinking it was going to be. It works really well as a nude shade that almost disappears in with my skin tone. In fact, it blends in so well that I need to add a lipliner if I don't want to look weird.

In order to get it to full color I do have to pile it on. But I do have pretty pigmented lips.

Once the liner is on I really like the way it looks.

But the issue I have with it is not the color. I hate the quality of it. It breaks easily and often. I'm finding that I prefer pencil liners to automatic anyway.

As far as lasting power, it's OK. It doesn't come off immediately, I get a couple hours but I think other liners give longer wear. I haven't noticed any drying but I use a balm beforehand.

Overall, love the shade...but the quality is missing.