Monday, May 4, 2015

Makeup Trends I'm Over

I think I'm a bit bored of makeup. Never thought that would come out of my mouth but it's true. Most of it's because I see some horrendous trends...and it just sucks some of the joy of makeup out of me. Some of these I'm guilty of....probably have pics on this blog. Usually my brain kicks in after a couple days and I realize just how ridiculous it looks.

Makeup can be worn to enhance or to turn women into straight clowns. I prefer the enhancing makeup. Of course, sometimes it is fun to just have a little fun...but these are things I'm seeing quite a bit and it usually just leaves me scratching my head confused.....

1. Drawn On Mega Thick Brows- I love thick eyebrows. I wasn't born with thick eyebrows....and I don't draw them on. There is a way to do it naturally but the eyebrows I keep seeing are the thick, obviously drawn on, cartoonish looking ones. Ummm....why? I'm still working on my brows....but trust they don't look like a two year old drew them on...

2. Extra Extra Shimmery Brow Highlight- That went out with the eighties. I shouldn't be able to see my reflection in your brow highlight. And along with that...why highlight the top of your eyebrows and not blend? Really though, why?

3. Overdone Contour- Contour is all the rage now. And most people go way overboard with it. If you are naturally a woman there really isn't a need to go overboard with the contouring. And a lot of time I see it and it's super obvious and not blended out. Almost looks like matching dirt stripes on both sides of the face. 

4. White Eyeliner in the Waterline- I tried this a couple years ago because Tyra said it makes the eyes appear brighter and more alike. Everytime I tried it I just thought I looked sick. I can see the weird white really doesn't blend THAT much. I don't see it in person-mostly just youtube. It just plain looks weird. If you want brighter eyes...dab a lighter color by your tear ducts. Much more subtle and actually works.

5. Bright Lip Color, No lipliner- This one depends on the shade but I hate when someone wears a really bright color without a liner to ease the transition. A lot of bright colors I've tried can look clownish without liner. It's a simple fix! Honestly...

I put all the no no's on my face and this is what I looked like....ridiculous. But it was so much fun. Then I had a thought...what if I did this to my face, forgot I did it, then ran out the house on a quick errand? Hahahaha.

I think what I'm trying to say is...just because you see it on someone else and it looks good, make sure it looks good on YOU before you rock it! That's a lesson I had to learn but luckily I learned it pretty early.

Anyway...I think that about covers it!