Monday, November 2, 2015

New Workout Program: Your Shape Fitness Evolved Toning Program

Two weeks later and I'm finally starting a new program. I would have started sooner but I ended up getting sick. So I took about a week and a half off. Then when I started feeling better I just did some Cardio by playing Just Dance. But of course, I don't want any of that muscle I worked so hard to build to just disappear so I started the toning program. 

I only started yesterday. I did two blocks and pulled a muscle almost immediately. But I went ahead and finished out two blocks.  Which is about twenty minutes. I've noticed that since I last did a block I'm able to successfully complete the single leg squats about 60% better than what I was doing before. 

I'm not sure how long the program is because it's basically a mystery. The game doesn't tell you. I advanced previously to the advanced level pretty quickly. But it can go on for weeks and weeks. I'm just going to stick with 2-3 five days a week. And I'm skipping today and just doing a Zumba routine.   

I'm kind of disappointed already though, because this program only seems to focus on toning the legs. It completely neglects all other parts of the body. Not sure why they developed it that way, but I'll have to pick up the weights and try to work my arms when I'm watching TV or something.

All in all, I'm already ready to be done with the program- but I shall persevere and will update whenever I am finished.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot! The last time I was on the scale I had lost two pounds which gives me a 15 pound total. Now if I can lose another 9 pounds in the next couple of months I will be deliriously happy! Maybe by the end of January? We shall see!

Wish me luck!!