Tuesday, July 26, 2016

NARS Gilda Blush Review

Usually NARS names reference something, I assume this references the movie Gilda starring Rita Hayworth-which I haven't seen but is on my list of movies to watch. Just from a couple clips I have seen, I can see why anyone would want to wear a blush that Rita wore. Although since the movie is black and white is hard to tell what colors she might have worn.  Maybe it was coral though? Who knows?

I also read that it was what the character Sookie from True Blood wore in the second season-although I didn't really like it on her. I thought it looked way too orange for her. But anyway...

NARS claims:
A soft and sheer, pressed powder blush. NARS Blush offers a range of translucent, natural shades, each with a subtle pink for a natural-looking blush undertone to highlight the complexion. Designed to be worn alone or layered together for more depth, it provides a healthy glow that flatters any skintone. 

I love NARS blushes- for the most part. This one is definitely one of my favorites. Especially for summer months. It's a warm orange-pink coral. For awhile I was very into Coral colors and wanted Coral eyeshadow, blush, and lipstick. This is definitely the perfect Coral I was looking for. It is matte...which I've been liking more matte blushes  lately anyway. 

 It's pigmented, soft, and basically blends itself.  I don't have any application issues whatsoever. It does blend out to look like a orangey coral glow, as opposed to looking like I've put on blush. 

The only problem I have is in the humid summer months it just doesn't last. Maybe 5 hours or so? But in more reasonable weather I can easily get 8 hours. Just depends on the weather. But I love it anyway. And keep in mind my skin is pretty oily-if you have normal or drier skin I imagine it wears a lot longer.

I did have a problem with one of my NARS blushes developing hard pan...and I almost thought this was just because of the way it looks...but luckily I've had no problems. Definitely keep your receipts though because I've found NARS customer service to suck if you have a problem with their products. 
Sorry I'm a little oily and those brows need guidance :0. The flash kind of washes the color out a bit, but you can still see it a little.  

I find it's best to wear it with warmer makeup as it can clash a little if I wear cooler colors. My favorite way to wear it is with almost nothing on the eyes, some of this on the cheeks and a purple lip color like Clinique Grandest Grape. 

It's pretty pricey at $30...but I'm thinking it will last forever since it is very pigmented. But still you get less than most other brands in this price range. NARS is $30 for .16 ounces, Urban Decay is $26 for 23 ounces, MAC is $22 for .21 ounces (cheaper without packaging) and so on.

Overall, it's definitely a favorite. Hope it lasts forever so I never have to repurchase!